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                Contact: manager wang
                Fixed: 0371-55690507
                Mobile phone:15517145777 18838231616
                Fax: 0371-55690507
                A site: the fourth ring road in the south of zhengzhou eight lang village industrial zone
                Two sites: zhengzhou south fourth ring seat village industrial zone

                Henan zhengzhou great Po into lamps and lanterns of lamps and lanterns factory is engaged in product development, development, production enterprises, mainly produces all kinds of road lights, courtyard lamp, high lamp, landscape lamp, LED street lamp, solar street lamps, all kinds of antique lamp, mining lamp, lawn lamp, and other, etc.;Produced at the same time light pole type varieties are: cone type, type six arrises, octagon, multi type, cylindrical rod, communications tower, high pressure variable pole, traffic signal flag pole, pole, monitoring pole, gantry, etc.Other special lamps and lanterns light pole can be tailor-made according to customer's need for.My factory has 2000 t large bending machine, CNC machine, high-speed slitting machine, automatic convergent submerged arc welding machine, cutting machine, laser printing, plasma cutting machine, joint machine, straightening machine, nano coating production line, large oven, stainless steel production equipment, punch press, lathe, planer, drilling, bending and other professional production equipment;Have professional engineering and technical personnel, management personnel and strict management system, fully guarantee for the quality of the product.
                Contact: manager wang Fixed: 0371-55690507 Mobile phone:15517145777 18838231616 Fax: 0371-55690507
                QQ:1728876969 Copyright&2014-2015 Copyright: Henan Zhengzhou Daye Bo Cheng Lighting Factory